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Practice counting 1-20 In this fun counting game for young math learners, children practice their counting skills by touching animals who play hide and seek in the yard, or by counting fingers shown on a hand. Math learners can touch each animal to count the value of the number. In later stages, learners start from a number from 1-10, for example, touch each animal to count upward to 15, starting from the number 7. As each number is counted, the number that appears on the bush will update to show learners what number has been reached. When each stage is complete, an exciting reward animation displays colorful flying balloons and animated gold stars to show the number of correct answers. Each level helps to focus students on a subset of numbers: A.1 Learn to count 1-3 A.2 Count 4-6 A.3 Count 7-10 A.4 Count 11-13 A.5 Count 14-16 A.6 Count 17-20 Learning standards covered in this quiz: PK.1.1 Count forward - up to 20 (K-D.12) PK.1.2 Names of numbers - up to 10 (K-C.30) PK.1.3 Count dots - up to 3 (P-A.5) PK.1.3 Represent numbers with pitcures - up to 3 (P-A.9) PK.1.3 Represent numbers with pitcures - up to 5 (P-B.12)

Learning standards: Click here to see skills available for California Learning standards