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Place Value In this fun counting game, young math learners practice the use of place value, by making 3 — which means to make an equation that adds up to 3 — making 5, making 10, making 15, making 20, making 30, counting everyday objects are displayed such as colorful pencils, suns, bubbles or colorful fruit, counting how many groups of tens objects are displayed, etc. When each stage is complete, an exciting reward animation displays colorful flying balloons and animated gold stars to show the number of correct answers. Example #1: How many — 3 yellow pencils are shown at the top, and the question is “How many?”. Learner should touch the number 3, since there are 3 pencils shown. Example #2: Make 10 — this equation is shown. 10 = 8 + ___. Learner should touch the answer at the bottom that is labeled 2, since 10 = 8 + 2. Each level helps to focus students on a subset of numbers: E.1 Make 3 E.2 Make 5 E.3 Make 10 E.4 Make 15 E.5 Make 20 E.6 Make 30

Learning standards: Click here to see skills available for California Learning standards