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Measuring In this fun math game, young math learners can test their skill at measuring. Which is tallest? Learners can compare colorful animals such as rabbits, giraffes, elephants and more and touch the animal which is tallest. Which is longest? Learners compare colorful everyday items such as colored pencils, scissors and thumb tacks and touch the object which is longest. Which is shortest? How many objects? How many objects of this color? How many objects of this shape? When each stage is complete, an exciting reward animation displays colorful flying balloons and animated gold stars to show the number of correct answers. Example #1: Which is tallest? 3 colorful animals are displayed — an elephant, a camel, and a lizard. The elephant measures 10 blocks tall, camel is 6 blocks tall, and lizard is 5 blocks tall. Learner should touch the elephant, since the elephant is taller than the camel and the lizard. Example #2: Which is longest? pencil, scissors and thumb tack are displayed. The pencil is about 40 blocks long, scissors are about 20 blocks long, and thumbtack is about 8 blocks long. Learner should touch the pencil, since it is longer than the scissors and the thumb tack. Example #3: Which is shortest? camel, pig and rabbit are displayed. The camel is about 10 blocks tall, the rabbit is 8 blocks tall and the pig is 5 blocks tall. Learner should touch the pig, since the pig is shorter than the rabbit and the camel. Each level helps to focus students on a subset of measurements: G.1 Which is tallest? G.2 Which is longest? G.3 Which is shortest? G.4 How many objects? G.5 How many shape objects? G.6 How many objects of a certain color?

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