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How many sides? In these fun geometry games, children learn to measure the number of sides of an object. Students can test their measuring skills using everyday items such as a sandwich, or basic shapes like triangles, squares, pentagons, and more. Drag shape to make shape — in this game, learners will drag a shape to another shape to make a new shape. Users will also learn about measuring fractions by using half shapes, quarter shapes, etc. When each stage is complete, an exciting reward animation displays colorful flying balloons and animated gold stars to show the number of correct answers. Example #1: How many sides does a triangle have? User can touch the button that displays the number word “three”, since a triangle has 3 sides. Example #2: Drag shape to make shape. In this game, learners will drag one shape to another to make another shape. For example, drag a quarter circle to another quarter circle to make a half circle. Example #3: Touch the shape between the shape and the shape. In this example, learner is directed to touch the half circle that is located between the half circle and the triangle. When learner touches the half circle in the middle position, the answer is correct. Each level helps to focus students on specific geometry skills: H.1 How many sides? H.2 Drag shape to make shape H.3 Spatial relationships H.4 Random H.5 Random H.6 Random

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