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Learn to add 1-20 In this fun addition game, young math learners are introduced to addition equations. Equations appear at the top of the screen. Equations can feature numbers, groups of colorful objects, or both. Equations are written vertically or horizontally. Some equations have a missing component, which is displayed as a dashed white line. The missing component can be the sum (total of 2 numbers added together) or addend (one of the numbers to be added). Math learners can select the correct answer from the options that appear at the bottom of the screen. When each stage is complete, an exciting reward animation displays colorful flying balloons and animated gold stars to show the number of correct answers. Example #1: 3 + 2 = blank. In this case the learner can click the number 5. Example #2: a group of 3 blue dots + 1 blue dot = blank. In this case, the learn should click the answer that shows a group of 4 blue dots. Example #3: 2 + blank = 6. In this case, the learner should click the number 4. Example #4: blank + a group of 2 oranges = 8 oranges. In this case, the learner should click the group of 6 oranges. Each level helps to focus students on a subset of numbers: C.1 Add 1-3 C.2 Add 4-6 C.3 Add 7-9 C.4 Add 10-12 C.5 Add 13-16 C.6 Add 17-20

Learning standards: Click here to see skills available for California Learning standards