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We use fun math games, science-based number words and tutoring to encourage a lifelong love of math and more U.S. STEM graduates!

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Ten One Math is the math of the future, today!

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Dear parents, teachers, and people who care:

"The U.S. is at the bottom of math education and nobody seems to know how to fix it."

-Jimmy Fallon
Host of The Tonight Show on NBC

Science proves how to fix U.S. math education, but it's not in schools yet.

"The number system in English is highly irregular. Not so in China, Japan and Korea. They have a logical counting system. Eleven is ten one. Twelve is ten two. Twenty-four is two ten four, and so on."

-Malcolm Gladwell
From the #1 New York Times Bestselling book, Outliers

"Ten One Math is very wow! I feel smart! Math is happy!"

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