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How To Increase Number of U.S. Stem Graduates

Today, the U.S. produces only half the amount of STEM graduates per capita compared to countries like China.

China produces 29% STEM graduates, the U.S. produces 14%.

This means a child born and educated in China has a 29% chance to become a STEM grad, compared to a 14% chance for a child in the U.S.

Decades of scientific proof shows that U.S. is teaching inferior number words.

In China, young children learn 9 words to count from 1-100 and that's all you need. English language students learn those same 9 number words, plus an extra 17 irregular number words like eleven, twelve and twenty.

Here is the science:

Science proves young children are confused by irregular English language number words, so this is the only scientifically-proven way to fix the problems in U.S. math education and thereby increase the number of U.S. STEM graduates.

Ten One Math created a system of regular English number words that can be used by parents and educators who feel compassion toward children and the struggle with early numeracy.

Ten One Math Number Words 1-100 PDF 1 Black and White

Download Ten One Math number words now and use them with young children. Thanks for being a part of the solution!

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